Never forget anything.

Your second brain

Slapshot is the easiest way to remember things you'd normally forget.

Just type and close the app. Slapshot will email you exactly what you wrote 12 hours later.

Better than taking notes

Regular note-taking is admirable. But having to remember to look back later doesn't work; most of the time we forget. Outsource having to remember to Slapshot.

Useful in any situation

Can't remember that great idea you had while falling asleep last night? Next time, open up Slapshot.

Forgot the name of that great song your friend told you about at the bar? Drunk email yourself with Slapshot!

All around the world

People are using Slapshot to remember things:

  • "I wish iTunes had a way to give an app 6 stars. If it did I would give Slapshot 6/6 stars." — Jason H.

  • "Simple to use. Straightforward interface. Couldn't be easier to use." — Max D.

  • "It is like being able to remember things, but when you are drunk!" — Adam H.

Focus on ideas, not fumbling with your phone.

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